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Welcome to                 HydroPKv2:

I, Hydro, thank you for coming to the site.

If you have any questions, DO NOT be afraid to ask them in our Help boards, and our discussion boards.


IP: HPKZ2.No-Ip.org
Port: 43594
Download: Click Here
Uptime: 100%
Downtime: 0%

This server used to be relevantly big. We had on average, 25-30 players on at all times, but because my computer(Hydro) crashed, and I was hosting, I lost everything, and had to restart almost all of it. LUCKILY, I had a friend who had a backup for me, which I eventually fixed up to be the current HydroPK! This server is a server based Player versus Player Combat. ALTHOUGH we have skills working, and PvN works great, the server was intended to be a PvP server. Anyways, there is many things you can do here. One of the funnest things to do is Fight! Kill eachother! - another fun thing to do is Socialize and hang out at our varies locations. And one more thing. Fight monsters, and become rich! We all love money, and fighting right? why not do both against them ol' famous Monsters such as Corpereal Beast, or even Flambeed! We are in the Progress of adding new Monsters, such as the Avatars in Soul Wars(maybe), as well as Bork, and/or maybe a few other Monsters!

Hydro - Head Owner/Coder
Fear - Co-Owner


Skillergod - Head Moderator

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