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Official Forum Rules

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Official Forum Rules

Post by hydro on Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:42 am

We do not accept in any shape form advertising here, UNLESS expressly written by a Forum Staff Member.
IF advertising is spotted by a member, report the post to a Forum Staff member.

Spamming on this forum will result in the loss of a chance for staff in forum OR server, as well as a 24 hour Ban.

If you find a post that you do not particularly like, DO NOT post negatively. please, either stay positive, or DO NOT POST AT ALL.
IF you find a flamer on a thread, please report it to a Forum Staff member.

Staff Impersonation:
pretending to be a staff member is prohibited.
This consists of saying you are me, Hydro on another account, or something of that nature.

Staff Abuse:
Staff Abuse is strictly Forbidden.
This consists of Swearing at a Staff member saying they are no good at what they do, OR befriending them, just to get them to ban someone.

If you find a Staff member In-Game OR in the Forum that is over-using his powers report him immediately.
We do not want our members to be afraid of posting, killing someone, then getting banned.

Added Rules

Double and Triple posting:
We the people of HPK, do not allow Double, triple, or even quadruple posting in our threads!

The Consequences:
Advertising: 24-permanent Ban + 2 Warning Marks
Spam: 1-48 hour Ban + 1 Warning Mark
Flame: 6-72 hour Ban + 1 Warning Mark
Staff Impersonation: 2-30 day Ban + 2 Warning Marks
Staff Abuse: 48 hour-permanent Ban + 3 Warning Marks
PowerCraving: loss of Staff position AND 1-3 day ban. + 2 Warning Marks


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