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[Format]Apply for Forum Staff

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[Format]Apply for Forum Staff

Post by hydro on Sat Nov 20, 2010 10:48 am

Applying for Forum Moderator:
-20 legitimate forum posts
-2 weeks of activity on the forum/game

If your application does not meet these requirements it can and will be locked and denied.

A quick couple of notes:

Abuse reports against you, if any, will be taken into account when you apply, and can be used against you in the application process.

You cannot apply for the Forum Administrator position, if I feels you deserve it, I will give it to you, other then that it won't happen.

When I say legitimate forum posts, I mean actual, earned posts, not spam, nor flame, nor one word responses.

Don't ask me to give you staff, or to go read your app, if your deserving of it you will get it, and asking won't help.

Good spelling and grammar and a detailed application is a big boost to your eligibility.


My Name is ____.
I am ____ years old.(doesn't have to be specific)
I've been on this server/forum for ____.
I'd like to become part of the Forum Staff because ___________________.
In return for you giving me Staff I will ________.(what will you do for the forum)
If I am denied I will ____.
If I am Accepted the first thing I will do is ____.
I should get a staff position because _______________________.

first things first about the format. DELETE EVERYTHING IN PARENTHESIS, and replace the "_" with your answer!
if you do not do those 2 things, your application will be denied right away.

Staff positions Open:
Moderator: 4-6 spots
Super Moderator: 2-3 spots
Administrator: 1-2 spots

staff position explanations:
Moderators have basically 2 duties. keep track of a set amount of sections, and keep them clean, and orderly, AND report to an Administrator with all your activity as Moderator at the end of the day.
Super Moderators:
Super Moderators have basically 2 duties. Keep track of ALL sections, AND report to an Administrator with all your activity as Super Moderator at the end of the day.
Administrators are in charge of everything. they have the right to do anything they think needs to be done, BUT it has to be okay with Hydro A.K.A Mr. Impossible.

going through the hoops:
First, you cannot go from Member to Admin, or Member to Super Moderator. you have to go in order, and be promoted by an Admin.

The Process:
  1. Member to Moderator - Apply for Moderator once you have 20 posts.
  2. Moderator to Global Moderator - Get a decent amount of good reputation, as well as 50+ posts.
  3. Global Moderator to Admin - This is only possible by mr. impossible's consent. If mr. impossible thinks you are qualified to become an Administrator, he will contact YOU, as well as the rest of the forum, and make a poll, seeing if the people, agree that you have what it takes to become an Administrator!


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